VR production in Cubase 10?

In the manual it states: “You use a studio monitor system that supports 3D speaker configurations, for example, 5.1.4.”

How does Cubase 10 support 3rd order ambisonics (requiring a 16-channel output buss), or more specifically, the above 5.1.4 speaker configuration when Cubase appears to still be limited to six channel (ie. 5.1) output?

EDIT: Simplified for readability

I am wondering the same…

I am guessing that this is where the Ambisonics Decoder must be used (with headphones) to monitor an Ambisonics mix. Theoretically you could monitor an Ambisonics encoded mix with 2, 4, 8, or however many physical speakers you want, limited by your system’s outputs and the number of speakers you have. But if you are going to do 2nd or 3rd order Ambisonics, you would have to create an output set in the audio connections section that corresponds to all of those physical outputs/speakers, and then using Control Room you would use that setup as your monitor setup, and put the decoder into that monitor setup as an insert within Control Room. I may be wrong here, because I’m still getting my head around Ambisonics monitoring myself - but I’m working on this right now and based on what I’ve discovered so far, I think this is correct - please correct me if I’m wrong!