VR Tools / Crash when opening a session with a 3rd order ambisonic Bus active / HTC Vive & High Sierra

Hi everybody,

I have a strange problem when I create a 3rd order mix bus.
I m on Nuendo 8.3, on MacPro 2013 (hexa and Radeaon D700) with High Sierra and an HTC Vive (which doesn’t t work…I’m still checking why…).

So, I create a 3rd order ambisonic bus, it’s all good, it’s working as well, I saved and quit.
When I re-load this last save, Nuendo crashed at the beginning of the loading session.

Someone ever have this problem / bug ?
I don’t found any solution at this moment…maybe a personal bug of my configuration…I hope so not…
And I’m very interesting if someone reach to use an HTC vive on High Sierra / Nuendo 8.3.

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome,

Could you please attach the *.crash file located in macOS Console/User Repotrs utility?

Hi Martin

I’ve tried today opening an empty session, create a master 3rd order ambisonic then create 3 ambisonic 3rd order tracks, I save and close the session then I re open it and Nuendo crashed…I can’t test more because the facility is occupied.

So, here the crash Apple file.
I hope so the you will find something, we still searching why this “loading” bug.
Report crash High sierra N8.3 VR Ambisonic 3rd order.zip (215 KB)