VriAudio Sound issue

I can no long listen to my segments when trying to make changes to my vocals. The small speaker is checked on the top left hand corner. When the curser is shown I should be able to left click on that segment and hear sound. Use use a Mac.


If you have your setting configured correctly - yes…
Plenty of posts with solution on the topic on the forums here

Check your routing/connections in VSTConnections dialog; particularly with regard to Studio and Audition paths. As thinkingcap has indicated, I’ve seen other threads on this topic, that go in to more detail if you need further help.

BTW - I have it all working fine here, just as you want it to… :wink:

Good luck…!

Still can’t figure it out. I’ve looked for the threads and can’t find them. I can hear my vocals, can solo them when listening in song mode, can change the pitch, just can heaer them when clicking on them.


If you have the control room enabled, make sure, it is connected correctly, and the preview is not routed to the phones channel (preferences). If you don´t use control room - disable it

Disabled control room and it works fine. Started using control room recently. I’ve had problems getting Cues to work. I have Cubase 7 and an MR816x. I’ll need to do some experimenting. Not sure how to output the cues. I have a one room operation so control room is necessary but has feature I can use.

Oh, thanks thinkingcap.