VS2013 build issue?

Hi All,

It seems that in this commit

the constexpr keyword was added to a number of functions in pluginterfaces/base/ipluginbase. That’s fine, but Visual Studio 2013 doesn’t support the keyword (2015 is fine.)

In fplatform.h there are certain defines, i.e SMTG_OVERRIDE and SMTG_NOEXCEPT that hinge upon these features being available. I added a similar one for constexpr and it allows me to build (I’m not sure about the intel compiler conditions there - I’m just trying to check for MSVC > 2013.)



#define SMTG_CONSTEXPR constexpr

Does this seem like something that should be added to the SDK? I’m not really sure - I don’t use 2013 often at all but a client recently needed a build and I noticed the SDK does not build out of the box (unless I did something wrong, possibly in CMake though I checked out the options in the GUI.)