VSL Concert Guitar


I’m considering upgrading my VI Concert Guitar to the Synchron-ized version. If I do so and apply the VSL for Dorico Installer (then choosing the requisite playback template), will I then be able to successfully cue the various articulations in Write mode? Presumably additional articulations would need to be created in the guitar articulations toolbox? I’d be grateful for any words of wisdom from expert VSL-ers.

Many thanks

Probably best to ask in the Notation section of the VSL forum…

Thanks - I was hoping someone may have walked this path already but I’ll head over to VSL as you suggest.

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There is no expression map for the VSL plucked instruments (VI or Synchronized). So you won’t be able to do that.

One big hurdle in making an expression map is how the library maps natural harmonics. Until there is a way to condition a playback technique using pitch and string properties, it is impossible to create an expression map for these instruments.