VSL Ensemble project not loading with 2.1

Having upgraded to 2.1 my current project won’t load it’s custom-built VSL ensemble project. Is this expected behaviour?

The only solution I can think of is to rebuild the VSL ensemble project - Or am I missing something?

Thanks for any feedback. Best wishes, Ian

Do you mean that the project loads, but the VSL sounds don’t load? There’s no particular reason why this should be any different in Dorico 2.1 compared to 2.0. The audio engine has been updated, but it should be forward-compatible.

I’m running Vienna ensemble pro on a second ‘sample-farm’ networked PC. The Dorico project retains all the correct playback info as seen in playmode (i.e. VEP is in the instrument rack (I’m not using any other plugs-ins, or multiple instances of VEP). However the specific VEP project is not loading. I can click on the ‘edit instrument’ icon in playmode but my only option is to create a new empty VEP project. Unfortunately, because nearly all of my VEP projects are specific to a particular score I don’t always save the (VEP) projects independently. If I had I could have simply have loaded the VEP project ‘natively’ and connected to that via the ‘edit instrument’ button in Dorico.

I have since recreated the VEP project so I’m back on track, but it would recomend other VEP users to save their projects natively within VEP before upgrading to 2.1 - just in case.

Best wishes, Ian

Is it possible that you had VEP in “unlinked” mode (I forget the precise terminology, forgive me) at the time you last saved the project in Dorico? Dorico doesn’t do anything particularly smart with external VSTs when it saves: it simply says to them, send me your state so I can save it. Provided the state is saved, the audio engine will restore that state the next time you open the project, so it does suggest somehow that the state wasn’t saved in the project. Was the project’s size on disk much smaller than you would expect? If so, that might indicate that the VEP setup wasn’t saved inside it.