VSL ensemble

I haven’t been able to find out how (or if) players on Dorico can be allocated specific midi channel numbers to access specific instruments loaded into a single instance of VSL ensemble - or indeed any multitimbral playback device.

Can anyone nudge me in the right direction. Thanks

In Play mode, you’ll see the list of whatever players are in your current flow. On the left of the name of each instrument is a right-pointing arrow (or chevron, as I believe Daniel has called it in the tutorial videos). When you click that more information will appear for that particular player, including the name of the soft synth you have selected and beneath that is a small box with 9 tiny boxes and a number from 1 to 16 (at least those are the numbers which appear in my current 3-instrument score). If you click on the down-arrow (or chevron) next to the number for each instrument you will see the list of all the channels, 1 through 16. You can change the number there, but if no instrument has been assigned to whatever number you select, you won’t hear that part. If you change to a number which currently has an instrument patch assigned to it and the note you select is within the sampled range of that instrument, you’ll hear playback on the new instrument patch.

You can then select whatever channel you wish for whichever staff you wish and using the setup for whatever playback synth you want, you can assign any instrument to those channels, so you can (I just tried it and it works) have a violin staff which you assign an oboe sound to for playback.

This is a great way to try out other sounds to see if you might wish to change the instrumentation you originally intended.

I hope that’s what you are asking about.

Of Course, found it, thanks very much - perfect!