VSL ILok PlugIns: License not recognized

When using a VSL Plugin (Organ Player, Ensemble Pro, probably others as well) that require an ILok, the license is not recognized. Starting the Standalone Program or using the same PlugIn in Nuendo 12 or 13 for example works as well as in Presonuns Studio One. However, in Dorico I get an error that the license cannot be found and that I should plug in a valid ILok Dongle.

Are you on Mac or Win?
Do you have those licenses on an iLok dongle or in the cloud?

OS x 14.2 (just updated), I have ALL licenses on the dongle, no cloud ones.

Intel or Apple Silicon based?

M2 that is Silicon

Really strange. And the more I think about it, the more strange it appears to me. Dorico’s audio engine uses the same hardend runtime entitlements as Nuendo, especially the one that is necessary to load iLok protected plug-ins. But with you apparently everything loads, but it just can not find a license.
Of course, we have our own license management, but that does not interfere in any way with iLok .

When does that message “missing license” error pop-up with you? Already during startup of Dorico, or later when you want to load a plug-in into a project.

It pops up as soon as the plugIn is loaded with a project. Or if I add it to a track.

Really strange…
Are those iLok protected plugs in VST2 or VST3 format?
Do you run Dorico in Rosetta mode?
I really have few ideas of what could be wrong in your case.

VST 3, no Rosetta.

Hi I’ve just updated to the latest Dorico today 5.1.1 and I’m experiencing the same issue.
I have a piano piece I’m working on, yesterday it was fine, after updating today the iLok (dongle, Apple Silicon, running native) plugging in that project pop up and say they aren’t activated. My iLok is plugged in and other applications (Cubase for example) will load the plugins and acquire the license without issue.
This is only happening in Dorico. Thankfully I can stills write without my nice Cinematic Rooms reverb plug-in.

Hi @Phil_Ait ,
I don’t know how user abeschorner solved his case, because he hasn’t come back to me ever since. And still, I have hardly an idea what could be wrong in your case.
What if you run Dorico in Rosetta mode? Does that maybe make a difference?

Hi @Ulf
Thanks for the response, I’ve tried numerous things, restarts and Rosetta and nothing made a difference. Well nothing until the problem just went away on its own, suddenly it all fine again.
I’ll keep an eye on things.
Thanks for your input.

Really mysterious, but let’s hope it won’t come back…