VSL Instrument and Ensembles?

When I create a VSL Instrument track, I get a box with a lot of Dummy(s) for example Dummy 1-127, Dummy 2- 127 etc.
What are these and how do I assign an instrument to the track?

And, when I create a VSL Ensemble in the VST Instruments list, I can only assign 8 MIDI tracks to each instance. Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

Thanks, CS.

Did you enable all the outs via the button to the left of the selection box in the Rack?

With the VSL Ensemble, I enable only one of the outputs. However, I found the issue with with the Ensemble. Cubase allows me to connect the MIDI instruments to 8 MIDI ports per Ensemble. When I went to assign a MIDI track, I thought that I was looking at “8 MIDI Tracks” versus “8 MIDI Ports”. So the Ensemble side of my question has been clarified. Thank you, CS.

PS. I only use one of the potential stereo outputs as I have instruments of the same type (i.e. Woodwinds) in a single ensemble. When I looked into the VST Instruments, I see that I could possible have each instrument on a separate bus which is very, very helpful at mix time. Again, Thanks, CS.