VSL Instruments Pro

I used VSL Instruments Pro. (symphonic Riot)
When I load the instruments via play template, the expression maps are loaded but not the VIPRO and the sounds. I have to do this automaticly. Until there it’s ok. Saving needs abour 12 minutes but most often Dorico crashes before. At VSL they recommended me to reinstall the elicencer version again. Loading the Player and sounds is sometimes ok but saving still about 12 minutes.

The VSL Synchron player works fine, but I have a lot of documents with VIPRO and personal I prefer this sounds.

Many thank’s for some help


I did reinstall V6, everything works again as before (I had to include the install folder of the plugins in the VST2 path of dorico).

However, the symphonic riot template does not automatically load the player, I have to do this once
and select the correct instrument inside the VSL pro player.