VSL Library disable device

Hi ,
I am using VSL library simultaneously between 2 APPs (Ableton, Dorico).
If I used first inside Dorico I got the error: of disabled device.
If I used inside Ableton first I got crash inside Dorico?
Should VSL be shared library.
People of VSL do not help.
Please help.

What OS platform and version are you using? What is the exact wording of the error message?

Dorico’s Help menu has an option to Create a Diagnostic Report. You can post that here, to provide some information about what’s going on.

Hi ,
Windows 11
If I am using VSL library first in Dorico before Ableton I got the attached errors:

If I used the VSL library in Ableton first before Dorico, the Dorico is not opened at all, I am trying to kill the VSTAudioEngine3.exe, even not found in the task manager.

It looks like an eLicenser problem of some kind, unfortunately. Have you contacted the good people at VSL to see if they have any ideas?