VSL Library integration in Dorico

Hi !

I’m not a user of Dorico (I used to performmy scores with an other application wich first letter is S…) But I’m very interested in DORICO for months. I downloaded the trial version, but I’haven’t anytime to explore it enough.

My first question concerns a point which is a very important characteristic: the integration of the midi articulation of certain libraries of virtual instruments like VSL or another. DORICO seems to have made decisive progress on this point.

My second question concerns the time that users of other partition software have taken to acquire a certain mastery of dorico ?

Thanks a lot for your answers


Welcome to the forum, Egonn. You have lots and lots of options for how to use third-party sound libraries like VSL with Dorico. You can use dedicated playback templates created by the library manufactures, created by Steinberg, or created by the community, and you can tweak everything yourself if required. There is also NotePerformer 4 and its NotePerformer Playback Engines, which provide greater automation and expression, at the expense of being more resource-intensive.

As for the time it takes to get comfortable in Dorico after using another application, it varies, of course, but probably the majority of people who are happily using Dorico today have been through that switch and they have certainly found that it is worth it.

I would strongly recommend you set aside the time to work through the Dorico First Steps guide, as it should help you to figure out the software more quickly than going it alone.

You can find info on VSL’s Dorico integration here: Introduction | VSL - Tutorials