VSL Percussion map, rolls and dynamics


I have difficulties with percussion map and VSL. I can’t setup properly the percussion map to get crescendo rolls.

The correct switch does not trigger with the tremolo + crescendo technical playback in this example.

When I play, I get the F5 switch (no crescendo).

Any Idea what can be wrong here ?


I can’t remember if Percussion Maps are transferred within files, but you’re welcome to attach your project for someone to fiddle with (and maybe solve?!).

here is the file
test suspended cymb.dorico (427.4 KB)

I’d suggest setting up an expression map for percussion instruments that are capable of cresc rolls. No keyswitches, but dynamics set up to use crossfade. You’ll need the VSL instrument’s crossfade to be engaged, and the dynamic entry in the expression map set to correspond to the appropriate CC.

Dorico should then read your percussion map, see the tremolo and switch accordingly. I’d suggest specifying a start and end dynamic p<f, f<fff or whatever

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So far as I know, hairpins don’t emit the “crescendo” or “diminuendo” playback techniques, so you’ll need to create a playing technique and add it to the score at the desired position to trigger the playback technique. The playing technique itself can be hidden.

Ok thanks for your help. I’ve set up an expression map using crossfade.
It works very well now.

The default percussion map provided by VSL is not usable as hairpins don’t emit crescendo playback techniques.

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