VSL SE ...how to setup ?


Can’t really figure out how to setup Dirico play back with VSL SE library !

1- I imported Cubase Exp Map…

2- I try to understand here :

3- and I get nothing from that right click menu :

So, any advices will be appreciated.


It worked for me to open and close the VSL Ensemble Pro Connection Window in Dorico (-> Play Mode -> ‘e’)
I don’t know why…


The thing is that I can’t find how to map techniques !

Could you explain.


The basic gist of it should be like this:

  1. Load an instance of Vienna Ensemble Pro.
  2. Load up each channel in VE Pro with the patches you want to use.
  3. In the Endpoint Setup dialog (which is the one you get to by clicking the cog icon next to the plug-in in question in the VST Instruments panel in Play mode), set the number of channels to the number of channels you have loaded patches for in VE Pro.
  4. For each channel, choose the appropriate expression map that matches the patch loaded.

That should be more or less it.

Try clicking the paddle arrows down to 15 and back up to 16 again in the spin box before you click Set.

I see you use a Mac, but have you tried turning your Mac off and on again? :stuck_out_tongue:
It helped me after installation with some problems I had.

Works as expected on Windows…

Does that include keyswitches etc? The Expression Map setup is very buggy for me and I can’t get anything but tenuto to work.

It looks that is more a «graphical» problem that a software problem…
Or a mix of both !

After many clicks… … …and one on an other window,
I returned to Dorico and I clicked again on the «Channels box» and it showed 16 channels !

Also on the right side where you tel instrument to use VST on a particular Channel, inputted number doesn’t stay in place…
If you hit Play arrow, all of those indication of VST and Channel return to «… (vst) and Channel 1 !

There is definitely something…
A conflictual situation…

I was merely confirming that 16 channels were showing in the dialog, but yes, Xmaps work to a large extent. I even had success with Accent + Staccato. Legato is not implemented yet, and I also had no response from Detache… Bascially, I cannot get any dynamics to work… Also, it doesn’t chase correctly from the start, but rather continues with the technique in use when playback was last stopped… but I think that was confirmed in another thread. The NATURAL technique (set to the SUS patch in VSL) has to be present, which for Strings (I’ve only tested strings so far) is the one switched to when arco is encountered in the score. Otherwise the behavior was rather incomprehensible…

Regarding stability, I’ve encountered the following:

  • Dorico crashed while I was editing Xmaps. No clear clue…
  • Certain techniques were not available in the technique list while setting up Xmaps (Detache was not available initially, but appeared once the dialog was closed and reopened)

I have a slightly different VSL Expression maps issue in a simple test with a solo cello line. The articulations I’ve tested all work with the exception of the ones not yet implemented as expected. However, simple dynamic markings and hairpins are much less sensitive than expected though using Halion there is no problem. I wonder if Dorico will include a dictionary like Sibelius (although it was pretty buggy) or will we simply need to use the controls built in to Vienna Ensemble? Is there really any difference for things like this using VE Pro?


Guess we have to rely on the DynR slider in VIP a lot… but what to do until we get user-defined Xmap triggers in Dorico…?

In the next update there will be an option in the new Playback Options dialog to modify Dorico’s dynamic mapping curve, which can be used if wish a wider played dynamic range for the range of dynamics in the score (or similarly to reduce the range if your library is too sensitive). We also have put in a per-technique dynamic curve in the Expression Map too, though there is currently no interface to this. We will add it in the future though, since the playback engine is written to take this data into account.

Does this curve apply to the entire duration of the technique or to each note individually?

I’m not sure what you mean - we may be talking at cross-purposes. This curve isn’t about changes over time, rather how Dorico maps its internal concept of dynamic level (ff=2, ppp=-3) into MIDI velocity/CC values in the range 0-127.

I see. Thanks.

excellent news! I like the way Dorico playback is rapidly developing though I think it will be a few months still before I could consider making a switch.


Is there is a tutorial for this ?

All Dropbox files in this chat have been deleted.

I have some questions too :

  • What is the problem to use VE PRO ? you get much better result using it !
  • Suppose I work on my laptop to compose and I use Dorico’s instruments, when I return to my studio I want to use VSL instruments. How is it easy to do that ? can you have two configurations and switch with a click ?
  • Will Dorico be Re-Wire compatible ? to sync with audio track in Logic, Cubase …

Thanks in advance