VSL Small Percussion set, Percussion Maps and scoring

Hi there,
I got the Free Small Percussion Set from VSL. Very simple set of instruments. With Synchron Player I’ve been able to create separate instruments from the original set provided.
I’ve created some simple percussion maps that seem to work.
An example of the issue I’m having:
I have a set of two finger cymbals with a clash key for each sound.
This is the created preset:

Here’s the Perc. Map I created:

Here’s how I set up the play technique:

Both upper and lower notes have the same set up.
Here’s what my score looks like:

What’s in the red square should show two different notes and a staccato for the clash sound.
So far the program will not let me move the pitch using the Option key and the up/down arrow key.
The staccato is triggering the clash sound.
Why can’t I change the pitch/note? What am I missing?

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Can you attach the project itself so I can take a look?

VSL Small Percussion.dorico (736.4 KB)

Hi Daniel. Just wondering if you’ve been able to look at my file, or send it to some else that might know what I’m not doing correctly to solve my issue.
Would appreciate any help on this.
Thank you,

OK, so I finally found John Barron’s Youtube video on " Creating and Sharing Playback Templates", which gave me an answer to how to access the percussion instrument notes in the score.
Since the Hello! Free VSL Instruments seem to be the simple basic type that don’t have any frills, I’m working on creating percussion and expression maps for each of them.
So far things are coming together.
I understand that I need maps (EM/PM) and End Points that contain the instrument selection plus the map/s, all saved and then referenced in the Playback Template, which contains all information mentioned.
The issue I’m having is that for some reason there is one instrument (Big Bang Orchestra) that consistently changes every time I apply the playback template to the score file.
I’ve gone into the EP and see it apparently has the necessary info to ID such instrument, but it changes to the Imperial Piano.
I don’t know what I’m missing here. Everything else seems to be working fine, with loading up the wanted instruments and their EM/PM plus the EP.
Here are some screen shots of the settings.

Here’s the playback template as well:
VSL Hello! Free Instruments.dorico_pt.zip (161.9 KB)

Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?

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I’m not ignoring you, I promise, but I need to set aside time to look into this in detail, and I’ve not yet managed to do so.

It’s ok. I appreciate your reply. I can’t imagine all the replies you have on your list of things to do.

Editing an existing note doesn’t work. But if you enter it as the other note type then it works as expected. So in note entry mode, type opt-up-arrow before typing Y.