«VSL Special Edition»

Is there any hope in a near future to get a complete set of «Expression Maps» dedicated to «VSL Special Edition»!

I know that Dorico is not yet developed to make this possible but it’ll be ready in the next update ?

Precise answer will be appreciated.

Thanks to Dorico’s team

We are not planning to produce such a set of expression maps ourselves, but we are in regular contact with the team at VSL, and as Dorico’s support for expression maps is enriched I think there is a good chance that more expression maps will be forthcoming from VSL themselves. There are a handful of things that they have asked us to implement, which are on our backlog, but we can’t provide specific answers about when these features will be implemented, and nor can we provide any information at all about when the people at VSL might choose to do any work on expression maps for Dorico.

@Alain, it’s hard to tell what the VSL folks are up to these days, but I would be surprised if anything related to the Special Edition has any priority with them. Making a set of expression maps for the Special Edition is a rather simple undertaking, so please feel free to PM me if you would like me to help you out. As Daniel says, there are currently certain limitations left in the Dorico playback architecture, which nobody can do much about, but it’s certainly possible to achieve results on par with other current libraries, possibly NotePerformer excepted…

I haven’t visited the Expression Maps thread here on the Dorico forum, but I would assume that someone has already made up Xmaps for this…?!? If not, well…

Thanks very much to both of you.

I just discovered the expression maps for the SYNCHRON-ized SPECIAL EDITION BUNDLE under MyVSL>Notation Related and I am mentioning it in case someone comes here looking for them.

They are working well with Dorico 3.5.

And it was definitely worth the upgrade to the Synchron Player.


Are these the Cubase maps 440.3KB dated 2019-10-16? I don’t have anything specific for Dorico.

Thanks for the heads up leigh.

Wouldn’t have thought these Cubase ExMaps would have worked with Dorico.

You say they are working well, are you saying that they successfully translate most of the important Dorico Playing Techniques into Playback Techniques and successfully match up with appropriate VSL articulations?

Yes, they are the Cubase maps 440.3KB dated 2019-10-16.

I haven’t used them extensively yet but it seems that the basic articulations are working correctly. I did a big band project with saxes, trumpets, bones, solo viola standing in for voice and it seemed okay. I’m not sure yet about dynamics but I’m pretty optimistic I can make the maps work for my basic needs.

Now I have to dig into the Synchron Player!


Thanks leigh


As stated here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1031263#p1031263, Andi of VSL (who is in charge of the notation part at VSL) said that the first Dorico 3.5 Expression Maps will be for the SYNCHRON-ized Special Edition (see https://www.vsl.co.at/community/posts/t56309-BBO--Hercules--Izar--Jupiter--Kopernikus---SERIOUS-BRASS#post297620).

It will hopefully come this summer.


That’s good and in the meantime I can get a lot of work done with Cubase maps.

I’m optimistic that the VSL Dorico maps will handle the Vienna CC11.


the Cubase maps work after a fashion with the VI Special Edition but you’re much better going with one of the native Dorico versions for Synchron-ized which already exist (see the Expression Maps special thread). When Andi finally does produce something, I’d be rather surprised if it fully supports NoteLength and customised secondary dynamic control with CC11 the way that mine, for instance, do but of course I will certainly have a look when they do come out and might be pleasantly surprised.

I only see maps for Synchron Strings. Are there Dorico maps for Syn-SE winds and brass? I’m not writing for strings right now.


apologies - I didn’t actually get round to uploading my woodwind and brass for some reason
VSL SE + synchron woodwind and brass current.zip (3.95 KB)
Didn’t check recently if there are others.

Thank you so much!!