VSL SYNCHRON IR's are MIA in Cubase

Having trouble with VSL SYNCHRON Player in Cubase… I lose the convolution reverb on:

a) freezing an instrument track in Cubase
b) rendering a track in place
c) doing a non-real time audio mixdown

When I freeze a VSTi track with VSL SYNCHRON Player loaded, and check “Unload Instrument When Frozen,” the SYNCHRON Player’s impulse response is not rendered in the resulting audio file, but when I unfreeze the track, the IR is present in the Synchron Player Mixer (and audible). On the other hand, when I freeze the instrument Channel and do NOT check “Unload Instrument When Frozen,” the IR is not rendered in the resulting audio file (same as above), AND is missing in the SYNCHRON Player upon unfreezing.

IR is also not rendered and is not reloaded when I “render in place” or do a non-real time export.

I’ve attached 2 screenshots: 01.jpg shows what the Convolution Impulse Reverb Module looks like before… 02.jpg shows what it looks like after rendering in place and/or doing a non-real time audio export. As you can see, the IR has disappeared.

Tried this in Cubase 9.5.21 and 10.0.30
I’m on Win 7 64-bit, with VSL and Cubase up to date.

I’ve posted this on the VSL forum and wasn’t going to post here, but noticed that someone else mentioned they had the exact same problem, but it only happened to them in Cubase.

Just a quick update… This issue has been addressed by VSL (thanks Paul!), and the fix will be included in the upcoming SYNCHRON Player update. I tested in Cubase Pro 9.5 as well as 10.0.30. Works like a charm now.