VSL Synchron Player is now Apple Silicon compatible and works with Dorico Pro 4

I am running Dorico on an MBPro M2 Max with Ventura 13.2.1. Vienna Symphonic Library released their Synchron Player as Apple Silicon compatible as of today (I believe). I am running it right now and all seems well so far. VSL says they will be slowly rolling out Apple Silicon compliant software over the next few months.


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They also released a new version for windows. They say the audio engine was rebuilt from scratch. All I know is that after months of frustration with the VSL Playback Template for use with Synchron Prime Orchestra always crashing Dorico (it loaded individual instances of Synchron Player), I’m thrilled that it works beautifully now! The Synchron Prime Orchestra sounds great, is resource-friendly and now, with the new Synchron Player, allows full use of their playback template in Dorico. :hugs: