VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 & Dorico Pro 5

Are any of you that use VSL instruments, using Vienna Ensemble Pro 7?
I’m liking the app., and at the same time I’m finding that many of the instruments don’t show up in the Dorico Live Stage window.
Any reason why?

I don’t use VSL instruments, but I do use VEP 7 and I don’t think your issue is confined to VSL. In order for Dorico to be able to do anything with an instrument from VEP7, the instrument needs to have its own output from VEP7. As an example, let’s say you have setup a string ensemble in VEP7. In the VEP7 mixer, routing would be, Vln. 1 → Output 1/2, Vln. 2 → Output 3/4 etc.

Once you have the instrument(s) routed out of VEP7 correctly, they will show up in the Dorico mixer (you may need to click “Unused” in the mixer filter at the top). From there, you can play with stage templates.

I find for large ensembles it is simply too unwieldy having all those channel strips in Dorico so I usually do all routing, effects, panning etc. in VEP7 and just have Master sent to Dorico.

EDIT: I also force only one channel strip in Dorico’s mixer by setting “Number of audio outputs to show in mixer” to 1 in the endpoint configuration. It keeps the Dorico mixer clean.

Instruments will only appear in the Live Stage window if the expression map used for that instrument allows it. In Play mode, select the instrument that doesn’t appear in the Live Stage, and click the button next to the Ex. map drop-down to edit the expression map. Expand the top section of the Expression Maps dialog and you will see whether the Live Stage is enabled.


Ok. Thank you both. I will look into your suggestions.

Thanks, just deleted the post and found what you said.

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