VSL's First Free VI Library: Big Bang Orchestra

VSL is giving away a new sample library, for free: Big Bang Orchestra
Feel the power of a full orchestra playing at the same time with multiple mic at the Synchron Stage Vienna.
Use this library to create dramatic, mysterious or soft soundscapes. Or just use it to add more power to your music.

Introduction Video

Big Bang Orchestra & Cubase Users Video

“Big Bang Orchestra is a well designed tool for creating bold orchestral statements in seconds.”

  • Ramin Djawadi

If you have any questions, contact us via live chat on www.vsl.co.at, write in our user-forum or send a mail to support@vsl.co.at.

Enjoy this epic library!

Best, Ben

Hi there!

Today I downloaded and installed the free VSL BigBangOrchestra and I only selected the VST3 component as I only want to use it within Cubase.
Now, three is no trace of VSL…
How do I get it into my Cubase?? :question:

Thanks for helping and the great offer (though I havn’t heard a single tone yet :smiley:)

Hi etchell,

Please check if the Synchron Player is not blacklisted in the VSTi plugin list.
I would also try to re-run the installer and select all plugin versions available.
If this doesn’t fix your problem, please write us a mail to support@vsl.co.at and we will further investigate this issue.

Best, Ben

Hi Ben,
I’ve followed install instructions to the letter,
I run the install manager, it starts to install then pops up the “Enter Activation Code” screen,
I click Activation button,
Then I get the pop up, “No eLivenser Selectable, Currently, there is no USB-eLicenser connected to your computer. Please connect a USB-eLicenser to your computer.”???
I use a software e-Licenser not USB. It does show my License but has a red circle with a line through it.
Please help.
Regards Dave.

Hi Dave,

To activate our products you need an USB eLicenser. The soft eLicenser won’t work.

Best, Ben