VST 1 and 2 missing menu icon is a show stopper


Seems like a silly little thing right? The little stripes in the menu for loading a VST instrument. Well N13 update 13.2.20 seems to have accidentally removed this, and we have no idea what we are loading - or in many cases what we have already loaded, as looking at this menu pop-up is often the only way to tell them apart (eg with VSL Synchron and VSL Instruments Pro).

Why is this a show stopper?

Well, in preparation for the inevitable dropping of Intel (Mac side this is) I must plan ahead to being able to open projects in Silicon native mode and, to that end, ALL VST 1 or VST 2 plugins are totally no- loadable.

So I just tried loading a project on a Silicon Mac and multiple instrument instances were declared “not installed” as the VST 2 versions of the instruments, previously instantiated whilst the project was created on an Intel machine, are not allowed.

This is obviously not completely SB fault, in that we are transitioning to new hardware and why not drop VST 1 and 2 on the way? Great. All for that. But I REALLY REALLY need to be able to know what I am loading at the moment, whilst in Intel Land, so that when the new silicon workstation arrives, I can seamless load up my projects.

Dropping the little menu stripes is really quite a big deal SB. Can you please, please restore this ASAP.

And while you’re at it, repair the mess that has befallen the CC Controllers situation with regards to ramps, steps, CC controls on automation lanes etc etc. Please,


Still a faithful Nuendo user… by a fingernail at the moment.

The stripes are still there but outside the visible area of the list, i.e. the list entries are wider than the window. There should be a small scrollbar at the bottom where you can shift the entries to the right and bring the stripes back into view.
In the German Cubase forum, a Steinberg employee wrote that this will be fixed with the next maintenance update.

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