VST 2 plugins on Mono file cause crash in 9.5.25?

Have seen a few other posts that seem to be close to what I experienced, here’s what I am seeing:
Updated to 9.5.25 and using some VST 2 plugin on a mono file causes WL to crash. Stereo files work as expected, but starting playback on mono, WL closes.
Reverted to 9.5.15, all works as expected, no issues.
Crash log mentioned: Crashed Thread: 14 Playback Audio Queue.

More a wonder/question than a need for help, happily getting on with 9.5.15

any VST 2 plugin on a mono file causes WL to crash

Which one? Not any for sure.

Oops, “any” was the wrong term to use, sorry, will edit post.
Valhalla Vintage Verb (v 1.7.1) and Sonarworks Reference (v4.0.115) were two I know for sure.
There was a couple others I believe, but after troubleshooting for a while, I reverted to 9.5.15 and everything was working again.

I have the crash log from the last crash if that is of any use.

:slight_smile: Thanks!

Just updated to 9.5.3 from 9.5.15 and everything is working as expected with stereo files. I am still having issues with certain plugins (VST2) on mono files. It no longer crashes, but I am not getting signal, and it either sounds like it is going into a feedback loop, or pegs the meters and gives high pitched rapid pulse.
VST 3 Plugins all seem to be working fine on mono files: Steinberg, Waves (VST3 yes, VST2 no), Slate (VST3 yes, VST2 no), FabFilter Pro-MB, etc.
It appears all of my VST2 plugins, including all my UAD, cause the issue.
(I can see the meters on my UA and other VST2 plugins working as expected, so signal is getting that far)
Tried switching Plugin Processing from 64 to 32, same results.
Any ideas?

*Quick Update, reverted back to 9.5.15, no issues with Mono files and VST2

Is anyone able to verify that they can use VST2 or UA plugins on a mono file in 9.5.30?
If the issue is specific to my system, I will look elsewhere for a solution, or just stay on 9.5.15

Yes, I can confirm this too with UAD. Somebody else reported this with the Klanghelm VUMT meters and I could confirm that.

So just now I tried a handful of other 3rd party VST2 plugins when playing a mono file and they all have the issue. It sounds like stuttering or sputtering.

I don’t know what it is with WaveLab and 3rd party developers having a hard time getting their plugins right so that they work in WaveLab as well as they do in Cubase but it’s gotten to the point where when a new plugin comes out, it’s a miracle if it works in WaveLab at first.

Then we have cases like this where a maintenance update will randomly break plugins that were working just fine before.

Thanks Justin, guess I’m glad it wasn’t just my system.
Sticking with 9.5.15 for now.

Thanks for the attention to this, 9.5.35 seems to be functioning as expected here.