VST 2 support

Since Steinberg has officially discontinued support for VST 2, how much longer will VST 2 plugins be supported in Cubase?


No one knows here at the user forum.

Everyone gets the information once Steinberg announce it.

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Rather uncertain isn’t it? Thanks.

I think they will be smart enough and leave it as it is for a while, I assume that keeping vst2 in couple of more versions wont disrupt overall stability nor performance (as it was the case keeping 32bit compatibility in 64bit program) on the other hand there are majority of UAD DSP users who are invest in UAD hardware as I know UAD didn’t release vst3 versions for their HW platform, so that will be no go for them to upgrade to Cubase version that doesen’t support vst2. But lets see.

Re: UAD - yes it is a bit of a fix in terms of their VST2 plugins only for the hardware. They have only released some VST3 versions which run natively so there is no direct replacement or workaround for that if Steinberg dumps VST 2 on Cubase 13. I very much hope that it is kept as a legacy possibility for the next few versions until the major plugin manufacturers catch up (ie UAD). I have 3k (original price) worth of UAD-2 PCI hardware on the system!

Is there technical possibility that UAD can port vst3 on their hardware? I guess you wont update to new Cubase version if there is no stable way to use vst2 plugins right?

Yes there are so many good VST vendors that have not updated to VST3 and show little sign of doing so. I sincerely hope Steinberg does not cut we Cubase users dead in this respect. I can’t imagine, but you never know - especially as they say nothing.

From what we heard from Steinberg so far we can assume that Cubase/Nuendo 13 will no longer support VST2.
It is only an assumption at this time. The info that we got was VST2 support will be dropped within 24 months - and that was stated beginning of 2022.

Im gonna guess 13 is going to drop it too.

Its already gone for us ARM Mac users, they were probably being nice and giving Intel users one last bone to chew on, until the sunset comes…