Vst 2.x or VST3 soft synths/effects installers for Cubase

Is there a general consensus on which version (VST 2.x or VST3) of software synths and effects plug ins that would be best to install (where VST3 is available). All 64 bit versions.

And crucially would there be any difference in loading up self made synth patches in soft synths if they were made in a VST2 version ? Kind of synths… Massive, Serum, Lu-SH-101, Trilian etc. etc.

Thanks, (Installing Win 10 Cubase 8.x.x initially 64 bit throughout very soon - at last !)

(Actually I have vague recollection that Access Virus TI Snow has a VST3 option as well)

*Been running Cubase 8.0.x 32 bit and running out of memory for too long.

Install VST3 unless you know that the developer has issues with their VST3 (like U He seems to).


Thanks for the advice, yes have a few U-He here. Typically I save my self made presets using the synths own extension and not .fxp. (W10 64 is now installed and the 12 y.o Layla 3G PCI interface is playing ball, here’s to a smooth install and authorize, fingers crossed.)