VST 2.x Pluigin Manager

When I launch Nuendo 5.5.5 it hangs for a long time on VST2.x plugin manager. If I got to the task manager I see that Nuendo is not responding.
If I wait long enough Nuendo will load, but it’s damn irritating.

does any one know why this is?


It only happens here after a reboot. 1st time I start Nuendo.
It doesn’t hang, just takes longer then I want it to…
Long enough that I start Nuendo before any clients show up so I can avoid it the next time I start Nuendo.

Are you saying that it takes just as long every single time you start Nuendo?
Even if you just close it and open it again without rebooting?

Hey Thanks.

No it’s just the first time I launch Nuendo. Subsequent reboots are fast. It’s just irritating …