VST 3.5 compatible with other sound libraries?

Can the VST Expression in C6, using the new VST 3.5 technology, be used with other sound libraries?
Or can it only be used with Steinberg libraries? What is the general usefulness of VST3.5 by comparison, to those who use Steinberg libraries and those who don’t?


hm … Nice one …
I think it will be supported By HALion 4
Currently only HALion Sonic is the only VST3.5
So Lets just wait till other company’s are going to make VST3.5 Plugins
and see if they build in the support for VST Expression 2

Thanks for the reply. Don’t get me wrong - I love Cubase and always will. I’m just very very uneasy the way Yamaha seems to be making Steinberg streamline everything and “forcing” its customers to use only their own products.

As long as I can still use basic VST Expression functions for any sound library in C6…I’m still ok with that for now

“We invented VST, so we got you covered. Use HSO!”

  • until other libraries start adopting this and long enough…this is kinda laughable!
    So the “VST Expression Revolution” ultimately is a longterm industry thing waiting for (god knows which) sound libraries to adopt VST3.5 technology…meanwhile I guess we’ll just have to enjoy the new interface design

Imagine how the guy who invented the flashlight battery felt since flashlights weren’t invented for another 117 years.