VST 3 Effect Plug In with multiple outputs-routing?

I’ve been playing around with a VST 3 Effect plugin ( not an Instrument ) which has 16 outputs ( Melda MSuper Looper ).

The effect is inserted into a Nuendo audio track to loop audio inputs.

The idea is that the 16 loop tracks in the effect can each be routed to a separate plug in output ( there’s controls in it to do that ) which could then be sent to a different track in the host DAW for processing/recording etc?

However, as far as I can tell, in Nuendo ( 12 for me ) there’s no way to surface the 16 effect/loop outputs and route each back into additional audio tracks or effect returns?

What am I missing? I mean Steinberg developed the VST 3 standard which supports the multiple outputs. Surely there’s a way to access them? (apparently some other DAW’s can do this)

I’m familiar with multiple output Instrument plug ins, but this is an effect plugin so the VST Rack does not come into play.

Thanks in advance.

A quick look at the website and the plugin I think that may be a question for the developer instead of Steinberg.


Yeah that was my first stop… radio silence from 2 emails to their support address.

Strike one for Melda…


Melda did get back to me and confirmed that indeed Cubendo doesn’t present VST insert effects with multiple outputs as routable inputs elsewhere in the app. So the multiple output versions of mSuperlooper aren’t easily used without a mess of loopback software. Easier to use another DAW. :wink:

They were very helpful with a couple of other things too … their plugins are quite amazing if you like tweaking things!

However mSuperlooper is pretty amazing after working with it for a bit and getting it all configured. It can do a LOT!

The multi output thing isn’t a bit deal since it allows the user to insert Melda’s own plugins into the internal 16 loop tracks. So plug ins within the plug in! They sound good too!

Along the way I did discover that a Cubendo MIDI Track input ( eg a controller) can be routed to the input of a VST 3 insert plug in on an Audio track ( if the plug in supports MIDI input/control of course ). That’s been eye opening for me!