VST 3 Fx plugins in dorico 4

Dorico 4 pro doesn’t detect some of the vst 3 plugins available on my computer, resetting audio engine/ clear audio engine cache did not help in detecting these plugins. is there any other way to nudge Dorico 4 to detect vst 3 plugins that it failed to detect.

Could you please do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Also, please tell me which plug-ins you think are missing. Thanks

Thanks for the prompt response Ulf, As desired I am attaching the diagnostics report file. The vst3 I have been trying to locate via the play tab is ‘dearVR Micro.vst3’.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (546.8 KB)

Hi @Ravindran , the dearVR Micro is blacklisted with you, because it is an Intel binary, whereas you are on Apple Silicon. If you want to use it, you’d need to start Dorico in Rosetta mode, or request the maker of the plug-in to bring out a new, Apple Silicon compatible version.

Hi Ulf,
It’s now clear to me why some of my plugins don’t appear in Dorico’s page tab. I tried under rosetta and Micro was indeed functional. Thanks a lot.