VST 3 preset

Over at a friends the other day using Cubase 7.
He wanted me to help him replace his OS Win7 with a Norton ghost image.
His Documents folder is on a seperate drive (this where the Waves c6 presets are kept)
I put his saved OS image on but the c6 presets don’t work.
I tested by saving a new preset (after the os reinstall) and this works fine.
Anybody have any knowledge of this?


Just to clarify, the presets I’m talking about are the ones he saved and not the ones that come with C6

Maybe you can use this KB to find them…


Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi prock, ta for the reply.

I’ll have a search using that info supplied but I already know where his saved presets are, they just don’t affect anything when loaded. I opened one up in a text editor and all the info (appears) to be there.
When I created a new one after the image restore it behaved in the correct manner, parameters changed etc.
I’m wondering if due to the restore that the old presets aren’t “registered” somehow with what Cubase thinks is a new OS? I’m at the limits of my knowllege here, anyone have an answer?