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I’m new.

Is the Integra-7 a VST instrument? How do I connect it using a Yamaha n12 through a firewire to my Mac osx?


They have a plugin editor available.
I don’t know if it’s VST3 but you can load it as a vst in Cubase to edit your sounds.



In your one question, you’re covering lots of ground. My suggestion is take it slow - start with the basics.

  1. Is your N12 set-up correctly with Cubase?

  2. Check DEVICES --> VST AUDIO SYSTEM --> ASIO DRIVER. Select the correct driver.

  3. The Integra-7 is a midi capable hardware instrument - access is achieved via midi. If Roland have created a VST wrapper - this wrapper, which appears as a software instrument is in fact communicating to the I-7 hardware.