Vst 3

I am findimg that alot of the 3rd party plugins i have either don’t function properly or crash my system. I have just updated my Waves plugins to V13 and evey plugin i open loads with the shell and then just a white window and cubase becomes un responsive. Has anyone else been having issues with VST3 in cubase 12 and knows if any work arounds?

Maybe an incompatibility on your system? Waves V13 works without issues here.

Thanks for taking the time to reply i have a fairly new machine. Ryzon9 3900 chip 32 gig ddr4 ram, GTX 3070 graphics, windows 11 pro, and cubase 12 pro with a steinber urc44 audio interface, and ssd hardrives. Any idias what i should look at to begin trouble shooting?

This seems more like a Waves problem, doesn’t it? I’ve had lot’s of crashes with some Waves plugins last year, but they were old v9 version, I suspect it had to do with a windows update.
You could try loading them in another DAW (trial version of reaper e.g.). If the problem exists there, too, it is probably your system (graphic adapter? OpenGL?). If not, it is a problem with Waves and Cubase, and you might want to open a support case with Waves.

Waves 13 plugins running fine here (Windows 11 21H2 update, always up to date, Intel CPU). Hopefully nothing to do with AMD CPUs. Have read sometimes, that on certain plugins AMD CPUs can be problematic compared to Intel.

You could try to:

  • reinstall the plugins
  • trash your Cubase settings

If that does not help, I’d contact Waves directly.

Btw. since this is about plugins crashing Cubase, maybe this FR might interest you. Would be cool if you could leave a vote there, if thats the case: Solution to crashes by plugins - Sandboxing (Crash protection) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Thanks again for all your time. I have put a vote in for the sandbox the concept looks awesome. And i will get on to testing tomorrow. Thanks again i appreciate your time

So i have had a chance to do some testing. I have updated the graphics drivers. Uninstalled waves v13 completed a clean up through waves central and re installed. For some reason the vst 2 plugins do not show in cubase or ableton

I do run dual screens both 4k the original crash was caused when i used to launch the plugins from the chanenel mixer on my secondary screen. I noticed that the waves plugins loaded on my main screen but if i moved them to the second monitor minimised and then opened them again the gui would fail to load and crash Cubase.

So it seems there has been some graphical issue so far i have changed all the settings in the nvidia control pannel to ensure both screens run using the same setting. now running both screens 4k at 60hz. In hdr mode. Disabled g sync. Same aspect ratio and 12bpc

The issue continued until i reduced the app scaling from 125% to 100% the waves plugins now seem to run on both screens i do still have some issues but it will take some time to fully test my full plugin suite

Yes, that’s changed, compared to older Waves versions.

Do you use the studio drivers as suggested from Steinberg?

A quick test with 125% scaling in Windows 11 brought up no issue.
I use an AMD graphics card.

Thank you for your suggestion i was not aware that there was a studio driver available i will give that a go later. The 125% scaling worked fine on my primary monitor originally but not on the secondary screen hopefully the studio driver may address. Thanks again for your time

I downloaded the studio driver and performed a clean install. Unfortunately this did not resolve my issue. I have done some further testing, I disabled my secondary monitor and i was able to open all my waves pluggins on the primary monitor without issue. I then switched to my secondary monitor disabling the primary and again was able to load the plugins, the problem seems to occur when both monitors are enabled and i moved the plugins to the scondary screen. As a work arround for the time beeing i have switched my primary monitor to the side on which i normally have the mixer as that is where i normally load and tweak my fx and i will drag the arangement/sequencer to the secondary