VST 5 To Cubase Studio 5

Hi All,
I read earlier that there was a free download of an SX version of Cubase that will allow me to save a VST 5 file into it and then resave it as a cpr file so I can open it in Cubase Studio 5. Which version of SX is it that will allow me to process this and is it available as a free download on Steinberg.net? Also, is there an SX learning curve for doing this or will I just have to know how to navigate to opening the VST 5 file in SX and then saving it as a cpr file?
Thanks for your info!


Read the Sticky at the top of the forum. It isn’t SX you want.

I looked for the sticky but looked in the wrong area. I was looking on the main Cubase page.
However, it is SX that I want. SL & SE will work too.

Surely you do - Your Cubase Studio 5 license won´t allow you to run the SX version though…

“Cubase SX3 / SL3 / SE3 can be run with your current Cubase 4 and 5 / Cubase Studio 4 and 5 / Cubase Essential 4 and 5 license and allows you to import your VST projects, save them in the new *.cpr format and open them in Cubase 4 and 5 series.”

This is directly from the sticky. Can you now tell me what I might have missed that will disallow me to run the SX version with my Studio 5?

The same thing that disallows you to run Cubase 4 or 5 full version with a Cubase Studio 5 license. SX is a higher line version than the studio version.
SX3 can be run With a full Cubase 4,5,6 license,
SL3 can be run with Studio 4 and 5 license or a full Cubase 4,5,6, license
SE3 can be run with an Essential 4 and 5 license or a Cubase Studio 4,5 license, or a full version Cubase 4,5,6,license.
The only way it might work for 24 hours, is if you still have the 24 hours “all products trail license” on your dongle…

Thanks for that info thinkingcap. That saves me a headache. They certainly do not make that clear in their description.

Ok, I’ve downloaded SL3 and the latest e-licenser for XP. SL3 does not see my VST5 files. When I enable it to see “any” files in the load in window, it says it can’t open that file extension. I even tried to open a cpr file and got 2 error messages. One was a Microsoft run time error and the other was a Rewire verify failure. The program then closes. It appears it’s not letting me open “any” song file.
Anyone have any ideas?