VST Amp Rack also for bass?


Im considering buying Cubase. Ive seen alot of nice videos about the amp rack, but only with guitars used. Does the AMP rack also have features for bass guitars? Or is it only for guitar?

/ WB

Aloha V,

I have used the Rack for electric, synth and acoustic upright bass
and if you don’t push stuff too hard you can get a nice:
1-SVT type sound for electric
2-a phatt/dirty sound for synth
3-and that ‘Bluenote Jazz Records’ (Rudy Van Gelder) sound for upright.

The key for me is instead of using one plug, use multiple plugs (eq/comp etc)
each adding its effect VERY LIGHTLY.
So the end result of the ‘chain’ is what you want to hear/feel.

depending on the material, also try some short reverb FXs.
Done judiciously this can also add some ‘bigness’ to the bass.

Go easy and Good Luck!


Kinda alot of fancy words in there I dont understand :wink:

I just wanted to know if there was different effect pedals and cabinets for bass also. :slight_smile:

Ma bad!

No pedals or FX marked specifically for ‘Bass’ but I have used the ‘VST Rack’ with most kinds
of basses and found that it can work well.

What type of bass sound are you going for?
Any examples?

I bought a Cort Arona 4. (Kinda beginnner bass, but it sounds awesome.).

What are you playing thru now to get that awesome sound?
Because if you are happy with that sound, forget the rack.

Just get Cubase and play that awesome sound right onto an audio track.
Cubase will record it perfectly and ‘bob’s yer uncle’. :slight_smile: