VST amp rack/amp sim trouble with direct monitoring Cubase 6

When I am using the VST amp rack or other amp sims (preamps + reverence with IR loaded into the insert effects) I get both the dry and wet signals when I am playing guitar (with the monitor button turned on). If I record something it records the wet signal only (which is what I want to be hearing when playing). How do I turn of the the dry signal so that I only hear the signal after it has been through the amp sims?

You make sure, you don´t monitor via Cubase and your soundcard at the same time. Since you´re not mentioning any of your gear, check your manuals.

Thanks for the reply. I am using guitar into HI-Z input on Yamaha Audiogram interface into cubase 6, and the output is out on the audiogram 3 to active studio monitors.

Update: I re assigned the inputs/outputs and ASIO driver and it now works fine. I am not sure why it didn’t work last time, maybe it defaulted back to the built in audio driver or something. Thanks for the help

Hi again, I am still experiencing the same problem. I only thought it was fixed last time because I was using a clean tone and it sounded fine, but when I use a distorted tone I hear both the clean and distorted at once, which sounds terrible.

THE PROBLEM: My guitar goes straight to my powered monitors even when cubase is closed. I want it to come out of the speakers after it has been through cubase and the amp sims only (not both). I am using a macbook pro too
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Then it’s a setting in your soundcard’s mixer or control panel if you get sound regardless if Cubase is open.

I discovered that this problem is due to my Yamaha audiogram 3 interface and cannot be turned off.
I have a steinberg UR824 coming in the post in a couple of days, so i’ll just wait till I get that
Thanks for the help