VST Amp Rack ASIO Time Usage

I’m getting some pretty good sounds out of the new VST Amp Rack, but when I use it on multiple tracks (say, four or five guitar tracks) it’s really eating away at my ASIO Time Usage.

Specs: AMD Athlons II X2 240 Processor 2.8GHz, 3GB RAM


Four or Five guitar tracks means four or five instances of VST Amp Rack ? That is quite a lot! I would recommend using large buffer sizes, in case you haven’t already. You can also use mono guitar tracks only, if you don’t need the stereo post effects. If that doesn’t help you can get rid of the post reverb effects, if your presets use them, and
send your amp output to a global REVerence effects channel. As VST Amp Rack uses REVerence for it’s internal reverb effects anyway.

Hope that helps.