VST Amp Rack graphics problem

I’ve just bought Cubase Elements 9.5 today and the VST Amp Rack has a strange dark shape over the left-hand side of its interface which makes it almost impossible to see what lies beneath. Also the interface flickers when I move the mouse over it. There are no other tracks or plugins enabled.

Windows 10 Pro x64 , AsRock G41M - VS3 motherboard, 8 GB RAM, ESI Maya 44e soundcard (quite an old setup but it meets the listed system requirements)

I see the exact same thing. There are lots of places I am seeing little graphical glitches

I see a lighter gray triangular region over part of the expanded version, but it looks intentional and doesn’t get in the way. The window doesn’t resize when changing to the compact view.

Just downloaded/installed 9.5.10 update and the problem is still there. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling the main program and VST Amp rack Contents 01 but it didn’t help.

Out of interest before the 9.5.10 update I did get to see what the previous poster mentioned: a lighter transparent grey region (which I could live with) but unfortunately it was just the once. Weird …

Anyone else?

I see the same thing as Frantiac. Please see the screenshot. The left side is in shadow, the whole window contents flickers, and the colours on each pedal come and go. It’s not e serious problem, as the VST works properly as far as the sound is concerned.

I have the same issue. Just installed a trial that was Version 9.5.20 Build 144 (64 bit) - Built on Feb 21 2018.
So still an issue then.

Yep, still there…

I installed on Windows 7 and the problem went away. So it’'s a Windows 10 thing and as far as I can see it’s only the VST Amp rack - all the other GUIs are fine.

Same problem here. My machine is a HP Z210 Workstation and I am using the Intel HD 4000 graphics.
And it is NOT a Windows problem, because when I switch to Cubase Elements 9.0.40., the VST AmpRack works fine.
Eagerly waiting for somebody on behalf of Steinberg