vst amp rack high pitch squeal

hi guys, i went to use the vst amp rack for the first time and all i get it a high pitch feedback sought of sound. i plug in the guitar, create a new guitar track, open vst amp rack but as soon as i hit the monitor button on the guitar track the high pitch sound starts, hit it again and it stops. the guitar sound is ok with the monitor button off and with vst closed/disabled.
i have tried removing the guitar lead from the ur22mkll thinking it might be a bad lead but it does it even with nothing plugged in the ur22. i have also tried re-routing all the cables keeping the power leads separate from speaker cables but it still happens. it seems like a volume issue but cannot find anything at all.

i am running cubase elements 10 with a UR22mkll and 64bit windows 10.

The UR22mkII provides loopback functionality, that accidentially enabled may cause your issue.
The Steinberg UR22mkII Window is for selecting the sample rate and for setting the loopback function.

To open the window use one ofe the following two methods.:
• Select [Control Panel] -> [Hardware and Sound] or [Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices] -> [Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver].
• From the Cubase series menu, select [Devices] -> [Device Setup…] -> [Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO] -> [Control Panel].

Solution: Uncheck [Enable Loobback]