VST Amp Rack II

The VST Amp Rack is great, but it has one big weakness: The stock impulse responses (IRs) aren’t so good.
If you bypass the internal cabinet simulation and use external third party impulse responses you can instantly hear an improvement.

So I would like to see Steinberg giving those another shot in the future. (Of course the old IRs need to continue being included for project compatibility)

Here’s a few other ideas for a possible VST Amp Rack MK II:

-Additional Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz pedal models, for a higher variety of tones (Amplitube has like 15 of these)
-Models of popular modern amps such as 5150/6505, Soldano, Engl,Triple Rec, Orange…
-More mic types like VST Bass Amp (not necessary, but would be cool)
-Impulse response import

I’ve noticed that a lot of Cubase Elements users are amateur guitarists, who may not have the money to buy a third party amp simulator. I think improvements to this particular plugin could help convince these users to stick with Cubase, and possibly even attract some newbies.

+1 Good idea, stock plugins like these are exactly what new users will start with and base their judgments on.