VST AMP RACK in realitime

How to play guitar in a realtime with amp rack sound?

Insert on the input if you want to record guitar with the effects printed. If you don’t want it printed then create an audio track with the input the guitar is on and put the insert on the audio track. Make sure the monitor button is pressed.

You will also need a low latency audio interface set to low buffer size so the output is nit delayed

Thank you

Hi again

I’ve just tested some 3rd part guitar Amp vst’s (Amped and Emissary) While playing guitar i can hear two sounds, distorted (Amp patch) and clean on the same time. Why?
I’m using Behringer UMC202hd interface.

Sounds like you are also monitoring the clean signal. Have you got direct monitoring enabled?

Direct monitoring is unchecked and greyed out.

Oh… Threre is direct monitor button on the interface panel… :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you again.