VST Amp Rack keeps Crashing Cubase 10 [solved]

VST Amp Rack keeps Crashing Cubase 10 as soon as I click on the preset selection field window


Could you attach the *.dmp file, please?

yes here is the latest one:
Cubase 64bit 2020.2.19 (801 KB)

same thing happens with VST BassAmp

When I right click on the interface and select ‘load preset’ from there it works ok.
Only crashes when trying to open the preset browser on the top


I cannot reproduce it here. But I have reported this to Steinberg CAN-27763.

guess what?
trashed preferences and now its working ok again.

I just dont understand why do cubase preferences get corrupted so often.


Good to know, thank you.

By any chance, do you have the old preferences available? Could you attach it (zipped), please?

I had them in the separate folder on desktop but I think I recycled them already I’ll double check