VST Amp Rack - noise issue


When I insert VST Amp Rack in an audio track with preset “!Empty” I get a noise (guitar not connected). I think this noise comes from the amplifier within the VST Amp Rack. Because when I choose another amplifier the noise sound changes.

  1. Is this normal?
  2. Is there a way to make this noise dissapear?

Striking a chord I still can here this noise: https://soundcloud.com/user188678041/you-too-clean (preset You Too Clean)

Any suggestions?

Thanks alot!

Cubase 6.5 64 bit - soundcard CL 1 Steinberg
Windows 7 64 bit - 16GB - Intel® Core™ i7-2770K CPU @ 3.50Ghz

Another chord still with the noise:


This time Tremomolux preset. I have no idea how to fix this noise.


Thanks for help!

Is your Daw connected to ground in any component?
I get real nasty noise if I do not connect my wart to ground.

What input is your guitar connected to…?

Thanks for replying ThePresent.

Can you explain a bit your question. I’m not that an expert. What do you mean with “Daw connected to ground in any component”? Also what do you mean with “connecting a wart to ground”?

Sorry for being such a noob.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for helping thinkingcap!

On the CL 1 Steinberg audio interface my guitar is in 1/L (MIC/LINE/HI-Z).
But I’m not sure this causes the problem because the noise is still there when the guitar is not connected.

Does this make sense?
Any other ideas?

Thanks for trying to help me!

And the input is switched to HiZ…?

Thanks for replying thinkingcap.

The input is switched to HiZ indeed.

Made some further recordings of the issue:

Tremomolux - no guitar play - guitar connected: https://soundcloud.com/user188678041/tremomolux-no-guitar-play

Tremomolux - no guitar play - guitar not connected: https://soundcloud.com/user188678041/tremomolux-no-guitar-play-1

I can hear this noise in every preset btw.

Well, to me this sounds rather normal for a guitar played via an amp. The noise coming up as the signal decays indicates a probably quite hard compressor setting - checked that already…?
The not connected files are with input monitoring on, or off?

I am not sure if I am using the proper technical words in English :smiley:
Your Daw and audiochain is powered by electricity, obviously.
The socket that you plug in to for power, does it have two or three contacts for joining?
If it only has two, your system has no connection to earth mass, as I call it. It is used to get rid of static electric fields which can cause a terrible hum in electric guitar amps and other audio systems.

But I must admit that the hiss I hear on your recording is probably just something you have to take for granted when you are dealing with an electric guitar. Use a noise gate to get rid of this.

I loaded the amprack here with the preset into an empty track, with input monitoring enabled, and - the noise itself “sounds normal” - same here. What I can´t judge is the signal to noise ratio of your setup, and how much gain you need to apply to your guitar, and the used guitar pickups - But IMHO, this is more or less “normal”.