VST AMP RACK not working and many audio record issues

I cannot get any decent audio tracks recorded wet or dry whether I use a condenser mic through my own preamp Art Pro Channel using my own phantom power and of course when I do that I do not use the phantom on the UR22. But even if i use any other mic that does not need phantom its horrible with latency, very low sound output and horrible quailty and i have an awesome ASUS Laptop iCore 7 quad processing computer with 16gb of RAM using WINDOWS 10 64bit and CUbase 8.5 Pro 64bit. I have the ROkit 6 monitor speakers and I have acoustically treated my studio and followed all the protocols to ensure I have the best set up. But regardless using the phantom power on the UR22 when I use a condensor MIC or another mic without it very low output volume even when I put the sends to direct stereo out. Yet all of the virtual instruments from midi sound great and I have full control of the encoders, faders, knobs remotely from my nektar Panorama P6 and every recorded track from that sounds great or if I insert a midi loop sounds great.

I am a big adobe user and my computer has no issues with 100MB of Internet connection speed 1 TB hardrive. 500GB SSD it blazing fast and comes with 16GB of RAM. Of course when I use CUbase I only use CUbase.

In addition many times when i go to record vocals or acoustic , bass, mandolin or electric through an audio track I can can see in the mixing console the input, audio track and stereo output all working and the levels all perfect nothing in the red nothing clipping. sometimes I can even record and see the file recorded but when I play it back usually I can’t get it to play back at all and either I get no sound or get no when I do it’s horrible quality with latency, artifact, clicking and popping and very low output sound. Yet before I record and it’s ususally only when i am using a direct box or my ART Professional Tube Preamp. I can get a good dry sound and hear through the monitors or my headphones that i have a good dry sound and and the stereo outputs on the mixing console looks perfect no clipping it does not go into the red at all I then record only to be very disappointed if I can even hear the track. Please help. If it was the UR22 then why do i have so many problems with recording. For example on the mixing console sometimes the input, instruments and the output channels are playing perfectly sounds great as a dry channel through my monitor speakers which means the UR22 is working correctly with the exception of hearing hum sounds if I amdon’t turn the mix knob all the way to DAW but I can only record midi that way.

but then I go to record and I know all my setting and VST connections are correct I’ll get a flat line and nothing will be recorded or the file looks like I recorded at such a low volume.

I just upgraded from the Cubase 8 AI to the Cubase 8.5 Pro although the whole time I wasusing the trial 8.5 PRO Now that I purchased 8.5 Pro and registered everything on the elicenser and steinberg site I then installed cubase 8.5 pro 64bit and even made sure I did repairs on some the files like the VST AMP Rack. I figured because I was in trial mode just pony up for the 8.5 pro and reinstall everthing and my problems should go away. Not one improvement. And it;s not like i have 20 tracks and i didn’t freeze any or render in place some tracks and therefore I am using too much processing power. It could be my first track. and when I go into task manager I’m under 5% CPU usage. I have my BIOS updated, I have two graphics cards that I use and can integrate or decide which one I will use for Cubase the Intel 4600 or the Nvidia GeForce 960 GTX. I have a Steinberb external UR22MKii sound card that’s supposed to be real good but I get a lot of hum noise in general and none when I have it set to DAW. But I also made sure all my network interfaces, USB controllers which are 3.0 and a couple are 2.0 so it does not matter which USB port I plug the STeinberg UR22 external sound card into USB port and the disk controlers are all set up with the latestest firmware and read up on everything to ensure I don’t have audio artifact, latency, pops, clicks and very low quality audio. Whether I use 24bit or 16bit with 44.4K does not seem to improve anything. It’s not as if I want to waste your time I am pretty computer savvy and very quick at learning programs but this DAW has incredible potential but I can’t get the audio to work right, If I want to use a media bay audio loop then that sounds great, But I am a musician and can play any style of guitar, keyboards, mandolin, and bass so I want to record my own tracks and forget about trying to record wet tracks I can’t even get a decent dry track. So even when I try to record or take a prerorded dry track and insert effects or use the VST AMP RACK it does not work because of the configuration says NO CONFIGURATION FOR MONO TRACKS. and its as soon as I place that insert effect it says that so its NOT as if I placed a bunch of pre and post pedals and microphones and amps in the mix. Makes no sense and I really need for you to call me. I have read the manuals or watch step by step someone on youtube use the VST AMP and BASS RACK effortlessly and get great audio recordings and I even will pause youtube to ensure everything I am doing looks the same and yet it does not work. Again I tried to reistall and repair the VST AMP now that I purchased the PRO 8.5 but nothing helped.

If I set up an audio file and I use the Hi Z for an electric guitar it incredible horrrible and even if I use a direct box its better but not by much. Even if I mic up an amp and attempt to record a wet signal I get horrible low quality and level sound.

If I setup an mono audio file for electric or acoustic guitar and insert the VST AMP RACK under configurations tTHe VST AMP RACK when I try to use that it always says NO CONFIGURATIONS FOR MONO TRACKS… I have watched the youtube videos and carefully made sure I did everything as they did and they have the option to configure it as mono or stereo or as a group or as a bus and no way work when it comes to audio. Simply is won’t work and even when I try to record dry it’s deplorable as the output signal no matter what I do is incredibly low. And if I turn up the input volumes I get audio artifacts, cracks, pop, very low volume. I have guitars that are worth thousands of dollars and even if I mic up a amp with a shure 57 it sounds deplorable if I can even get a half way decent signal. I have reinstalled the UR22 drivers… I use Rodes NT2 condensor MIC and whether or not I use my own preamp or not if I can get it to work it sounds horrible.

PLus I find that my settings are constantly changing for no reason so I have to go under the device setup and always remap and reset or release my ASIO drivers from the device manager and nothing helps. It always says activated and working correctly so there are no conflicts. If I go into th inspector of the track I know i have it mapped correctly and make sure I keep it as simple as possible but that is of no help the UR22 and I have my buffer at `192K with about 7.5ms delay. I have tried setting the buffers lower at 128k with about 5.47 sec delay and its worse.

MY Midi and midi controller Panaroma P6 records greats sounds and whether i use the Halion or Retrograde or Groove Agent I have no issues there. It’s all on the audio side. I have changed the mic cables I have even used a balanced input jack for the audio mic and it’s horrible and usually I have spend 20 minutes resetting everything and applying resets within the device manager to even getting working. I can save it as a template or project but it makes no difference as it’s not saving it correctly.

I went into preferences and made it all go back to default and that does nothing. Again if I use my ART Professional PreAMP and say use the Rode 2 condesor MIC with phantom power from my ART Preamp with no equalizers or condensers just the mic and about 6-9 inches form my acoustic guitar I get a great sound coming out of the headphones and monitors and all my mono inputs, unstuments,and output levels are all perfectly dialed in an of its properely configured and into my external sound card the UR22 or I wouldn’t see it working properly on the mixing console or hear a great sound from my headphones or monitors . BUT when I record it either I get a beautiful looking audio track that I can’t play back or if I can it’s extremely low volume and quality but typically i get a flat line with no recording. When I start up CUbase and a new track I have to constantly remap my audio and ASIO drivers in device manager and I have go into VST connections where I constantly have to connect the input and output as it shows not connected and the input shows as the default stereo and whether I delete that and set it up an mono input 1 and mono input 2 with or without the stereo input L or Stereo Input R it does not work. Most times in my VST connections I just have MOno input 1 and mono Input 2 with no stereo input assigned. My studio console is turned off.

Please help me I tried to include an enormous amount of details to get to the bottom of what’s happening as it makes no sense to me. Something is really wrong either the software is corrupt or it’s one little icon I have pressed or not pressed that is causing all these audio issues but I need a pro to help me figure it out


Thanks in advance.