VST Amp Rack Phaser bug

I reported this bug some time ago. The phaser effect doesn’t work well if no cabinet is selected.

Please confirm:

  • Create an empty project.

  • Create an instrument or audio track and put put the VST Rack Amp plugin as an insert effect.

  • Insert the phaser pedal in and turn it on. Tweak the rate knob, it should work fine.

  • Now in the cabinet selection choose “No Cabinet”.

    Result: The effect then will not work as intended, the LFO rate is extremely fast. If you select a cabinet again it will work.


I can confirm this strange behaviour too… in pre and post fx as well.
So it seems to be a bug!

I can confirm this issue at my end too.

And I can confirm this, too.
Which at the same time means that it will hopefully get fixed in the near future.