VST Amp Rack + presets

Hi evereyone,

I am a beginner and I’ve just installed Cubase LE AI elements 8 on my computer. I would like to start recording guitar tracks, so I tried to find a good sound for it on internet. I found a video with presets for VST amp rack. But here is my problem: I can’t find the Amp rack on Cubase. It should be in effets → distorsion but I can’t find it; It should be installed as I re-checked the installation and made sure it was installed. I searched on the internet and I found this topic (SSD setup on Small Format Computer - Cubase - Steinberg Forums) with the same problem, but I couldn’t solve it with what is indicated in the answers. I have no “Steinberg” option when I try to insert an effet and I can’t find the VST amp rack.

My second problem is that I downloaded presets from the video I found, but I can’t find where to copy it. In which extension should it be ? In which file should I copy it in order to be able to use it thanks to right click on my track → Load presets ?

Thank you, and I hope these are not dumb questions, as I’m totally new to Cubase and home studio.


AmpRack is only included with Elements…if you got LE or AI (included free with some hardware) it is not included.

IK Multimedia have a free version of Amplitube which provides a great sound - limited but then it is free!