VST Amp Rack Problems

I’m relatively new to cubase and music production in generel, so pardon me if this problem is just my fault.
But I’m having a problem when trying to use the amp rack. If just purchased an usb audio interface and pluged in my guitar. Its all working and I can record it, but the amp rack does not seem to notice my guitar. The build in tuner does not to anything and the sound does also not change if i choose for example a preset.

Do you know where the problem could be? I would really appreciate any help.

Hi and welcome,

Where do you put the VST Amp Rack to? To the Audio track, or Input Channel, or…? Could you send a screenshot, please? Is the guitar signal go thru the Channel?

I’m not at Home at the moment so I can’t make a screenshot. But I have created an audio track for the guitar and clicked on insert effects and selected the amp rack there. I have done it just like in the video of Steinberg.

Is the Monitor button (orange speaker) switched On on the track? Does the signal go thru the track?

Yes it is. I can record the guitar and hear it afterwards.

The screenshot of the MixConsole could really help here.

here is the screenshot you asked for. I hope you can help me with this.


Enable the Monitor button (the speaker), on the track, please. Then the signal is going from the Input to the Channel (and the plug-in). If Monitor button is Off, then the signal from the track is sent to the Channel.

Oh thank you so much! :slight_smile:
Just another quick question I was struggeling with right now. If I record a VST Instrument with my controller keyboard, then unplug it and plug in my guitar, I cant hear the tracks from the VST Instrument anymore. How could this be?


You should make a new thread, for this.

Do you Add a new Audio track for your Guitar? Could you send a screenshot at the moment, you try to Record the Guitar (so the Instrument track should be already there), please?

Here is the screenshot. thanks for your help.


What I can see from this screenshot, it’s OK. Can you see the incomming signal to the VSTis in the VST Instrument Rack?

Hi. I’m having the same problems with amp rack and i just did everything from cubase youtube tutorial to set it up including the instructions here (turning on the “orange speaker” button. However, i do here the guitar but only the clean sound. And just like Sneezemeat, i can’t see the guitar signal coming in to the amp rack “tuner” either.
vst amp rack.PNG.jpg

Read up on “(ASIO) direct monitoring”.