Vst Amp rack question

Today I noticed something odd in the Vst Amp rack.
I loaded an old project yesterday and made a new mix. Today I loaded it again and added some guitar licks using the Vst Amp rack setting that I used already in the project.
But somehow the sound was different, as if the Delay pedal would only give some slapback echo instead of a long delay effect. Obviously, trying to lenghten the delaytime did not work.
I had to re-select the preset again ( in my case, the classic lead preset) and the sound was okay again. This happened twice today. :frowning:
Has any of you had this, and if so, is there a solution? (Besides continiously reselecting the desired preset of course :slight_smile: )

Slightly off topic but I have an opinion based on a similar experience with the mixer routing. Upon opening an old project some of the connections to an efx channel were not working. It’s made me overly cautious when I open a saved project. To fix it I removed the send and reinstalled it, much like what you did. However I would add I am not seeing this come up any longer. :astonished:

So maybe it’s that situation where the process establishes itself and at first it’s a little dodgy. I know this is not what I expect of ‘tools’ but then again, a DAW is a unique tool.

For an example of the OS doing this same thing, I recently reinstalled Win7 on my DAW (highly recommended, BTW) and after five boots, the floppy disc and the parallel printer port icon shows up. Now this was something I had uninstalled on my old setup to save on IRQs. This time I had to go into the BIOS to remove them - something I probably should have done the first time around. Well, the question is, why didn’t the icons show up until after four boots?

I’m betting that unless you’ve tripped over a bug, you’ll never have the problem again. But monitor it, keep trying it to see if you can duplicate it.

Thanks mr Roos, I keep an eye on it. We are dealing with computers, so I should expect odd behaviour :wink:

Just opened the project… Nothing wrong. :unamused:
Thanks anyway!