VST Amp Rack sounds a bit buggy...

Please do as follow:

  • Load the demo project “Cubase 6 Live Forefer Drums”.

  • Locate the “guitar solo” track, it’s the one that shows the new lane tracks.

  • “Solo” the track, and additionally you can also set the loop markers from measure 52 to 60 for this experiment.

  • Now play the track.

Do you notice that the Delay repetitions sound distorted? it’s digital distortion (clipping) not analog simulation. Sounds like a bug to me…

OK, next experiment…

  • Set the Amp Gain to minimum (first knob in the Amp) so you can hear better the next “bug”. Additionally you can also turn off the “Overdrive” pedal.

  • Now play the track.

You will notice a very nasty sound distortion when the Wah Wah pedal is modulated, from measure 58.

Please post your experiences. I tried both Cubase 64 and 32 bit versions with the same results.



Sorry, I must have overseen this. There is a problem with the WahWah pedal, creating some noise, especially while being automated. Will be fixed in next version.

Thanks for finding this bug!


Please have a look to the delay distortions too.


I think the delay is a post-effect and comes after the wah-wah in the signal chain. So it only reproduces the distortion created in the wah-wah.

Another thing I noticed: the preset in the amp is called “ricky”, but when you browse through the presets there is no such preset, so if you change it you can’t get it back to what it was on opening. Strange…

Than it is a user preset which settings are only stored in the project itself. You can save the settings
as a preset with the name ‘ricky’ after VST Amp Rack has opened.

If you’re messing with it anyways, please check whether it’s bypass state is recalled correctly which I suspect it’s not!

I recall at least a couple of times saving a song with the plugin bypassed, then when reopening the song the plug is active even though the yellow bypass symbol is “lid”.

Thanks in advance.

Well I found another bug, and this one is pretty interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

The LFO rate on the Phaser always runs at full speed if you have “No Cabinet” selected.

Must be something related to the skin… or graphic rendering, since you can make it work temporary if you grab the plugin window and move it around very fast (producing lots of redraw messages). Also, if the plugin window has the “always on top” property checked, you can RIGHT-CLICK the window title and the LFO will run at the correct speed while the button is pressed.

I’m on Windows XP 32 bit, Cubase 32.

Amplitube 3 is by far the best amp sim out there at the present time. Stienberg’s focus is Cubase 6 - not their amp sim product. Its probably be a good product to use if you dont have Amplitube 3, but usually DAW manufacturers excell in their DAW software - not their plugs. I have not recieved my Cubase 6 yet, but when I do plan to try out the new Amp Rack - but I am not expecting that it will be on par with Amplitube 3. Steinberg could certainly make one as good or better than Amplitube 3, but they are only going to invest so much time and resources on it. Similar to Vari-Audio as compared to Melodye. Again, Vari Audio is pretty good and much better than having nothing at all, but Melodyne is far superior. Next, we can have the some conversation about Univeral audio plugs as compared to the plugs in Cubase 6…same story.

I have a few ideas on tuner.
Should it not be in the area of pre - effect or up front of all the “noise” produced by the stomp boxes?
Are you having good results with it? I got my strat out of tune in a big way and when trying to use tuner - it does not work well with guitars completely out of tune.

What happened to the frequency indicator from version 5? That is very good info to have for way out of tune help and for non-standard tunings. I like the new look but surely there is a spot there to include a small dialog box with the frequency in it.


You are right, it’s not!

But it is already fixed and will be released to public in next version.

Oh, Steinberg invests in both a lot!

May it come soon.

Half disagree.
Third-party plugins may sound better from the start (!) have more adjustment options and they´re absolutely justified, no discussion.
But if one is dealing with the possibilities of the onboard stock in Cubase 6 - then you can almost get similar results as with third-party.
No kiddin.
Ok, sometimes you have to mix and adjust longer with onboard, but it is definitely possible. e.g. “VariAudio”, REVerence-Hallroom, Delays, Channel-EQs, Phaser, Compressors and the new Amps (!) are great in C6, which are → standard in every studio to the present day…
More expensive plugins often sounds better, that´s absolutely right. But who of the consumers can hear the difference at the end…? :wink:

IMHO it´s only (!) a question of knowledge and ability.

These are my personal well founded experiences.

BTW: I love third-party plugs and use it a lot together with Cubendo´s FX/synths.



LOL, beat me to it sami …

“The best” is so, so subjective.

So which one is better than Amplitube 3, Sami?

I have Amplitube 2 and Pod Farm as well as Cubase 6 Amp Rack and I do think Amplitube 2 sounds a bit better than Amp Rack.
Seems to control the High End “buzziness” a bit better - and is a bit more “real” or harmonically rich sounding - hard to describe . . .
But Amp Rack is very good.
And I must add all of this is very subjective. AND I am not comparing to actual Amps being emulated - it’s just a preference thing.
And I paid almost as much for A2 alone as Cubase 6 altogether - so I’d hope it (A2) had SOME additional capabilities.

I do agree on the Tuner positioning. However, when you turn on the tuner it turns off the Emulation, so . .

I would really like to see the tuner ALWAYS active - and visible on the panel somewhere. I solve this now by inserting a tuner prior to Amp Rack and leaving it open.


I have yet to compare the older Amp Simulator . . or whatever it was . . to Amp Rack. Wondering if it’s biggest difference is the fancy graphics . . . people LOVE fancy Graphics

Axe-FX is arguably the best out there, although there are others in that category. But, AT3 isn’t even close to that caliber. AcmeBarGig is working on a straight VST one called HeadCase, which is in beta, that blows AT3 away.

I personally find the new Steiny one to be horrible as a simulator. As an effect, that will be a taste thing. But as an “emulator” or “simulator” it sounds like s@%$ on a guitar.

there is no best anymore when it comes to basic guitar sound, just things like responsiveness and noise as you’re playing, and best price, stability and performance, effects and presets if that matters.

listen to the song ‘white room’ by Cream and take note of the guitar solos, how do they sound to you?

for what I do, even the included amp sim in C5 with an effect chain track preset is capable of getting just about any guitar sound I’ve ever heard ‘on a recording’

if the guitar sound isn’t good on a song then the blame is on the guy who mixed it, all the amp sims are good enough these days, and some like amplitube are way over priced in this day and age imo.

I can probably match any rock or metal guitar sound that I’ve ever heard with just what’s included in C5… no matter what sim anybody uses (unless it’s a specialty type effect etc) I do have GR4 and a few others that I like because there default sounds are close to my own starting point sounds.

maybe asking what’s the best amp sim is like asking what’s the best eq.

I’m totally looking forward to C6 because I think the C5 sim is good and it looks like a lot of work went into the new one.

this is all just my own opinion so don’t make a big thing about it. :slight_smile: