VST Amp Rack Stereo?


I was curious to know if VST Amp Rack has an option for Stereo. I am working on a guitar part which I doubled. I want to pan them hard left and right, send them to a Group Channel which has VST amp rack as an insert. I noticed as soon as I changed the routing for the guitar parts to output throught the Group Channel, I lost the panorama. Is there a way to make VST Amp Rack reflect the audio as stereo? Right now my work around is to simply use the plugin individually on each track, which can be taxing if using a lot of guitar tracks. Thank you in advance.

Hello Steinys! Can anyone verify this? Is this how VST AMP rack is supposed to work?

Did you route it to a stereogroup?

Hello JoDell19,

you need VST Amp Rack from Cubase 7 and insert it to a stereo track, or group in your case. On the configuration tab of VST Amp Rack you can set the plug-in to stereo.


Cubase 7? :confused:

Yes, it is routed to a stereo Group Channel.

However, how do I go about getting Cubase 7’s version of VST Amp Rack? Do I have to purchase Cubase 7?

Sorry, I was reading the Cubase forum in parallel.
Anyways, both Cubase 7 and Nuendo 6 introduced the new configuration tab in VST Amp Rack.

Thank you! I will try it out today.