Vst amp rack suggestions

Hello, this has probably been touched on already but I tried to search for it an couldent come up with exactly what I was looking for, is there a amp rack setting or one that someone has pre made or can share their personal settings that has that full bodied heavy metal tone that I just can’t seem to find. I have tried some suggestions off you tube but nothing seems to really fill the gap, I cannot mic my amp because I share an apartment. I’m looking for that metalcore type of guitar tone like killswitch or as I lay dying even though I won’t be playing that exact type of music I just live their tone. Any ideas, comments, suggestions, links or any other type of input would be greatly appreciated, I use a ESP eclipse into a m audio fast track pro, Mac os cubase 6, not that I think that matters. Most presets I have used come somewhat close with eq and etc but are either dull, hollow or just don’t sound that great. Thanks to all who respond!!

I agree with it sounding hollow and boomy; It’s just the cab/mic models that kinda blow. The preamp design, on the other hand, is pretty flexible and awesome. It seems like whoever ended up getting the “impulses” for the cabs hadn’t the slightest clue of how to mic a real guitar cabinet up. Simple solution is to download some free IR’s and bypass the amprack cab/mic.

Hey thanks for getting back to me, Im not sure how to exactly bypass the amprack cab/mic could you possibly elaborate? thanks!

I can’t recall at the moment but there should be an option for “no cabinet” in the plugin somewhere.

Simply look it up yourself in the manual…?