VST Amp Rack with custom IR's ??

I’m relatively new to cubase in general; i just bought the 6.5 version a month or so ago.
Does anyone know how or if you can upload custom IR’s into the Cubase VST Amp Rack ; that is to bypass the stock cabs into a custom one ?

I’m not sure if or how its possible to load IRs into Amp Rack but I know you can load them into REVerence.

Ok, this gives me an idea. Load the REVerence in the insert (effects) chain on a guitar audio track after the Amp Rack with a loaded impulse and have the Amp Rack cabs turned off. I did not know that reverence loaded impulses; it is labeled under reverb effects so Im guessing I can load one and turn the reverb off (or to whatever sounds good). Ill give this a shot. Thanks.